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Tom Witten ‘76 writes:

Retired July 1 from full time work. Still going to work part time for Whole Foods Market. More time for the grandkids and fishing, and of course, the honeydo list!

Buck Antle ‘42 writes (after receiving the Dec 18 email newsletter):

Thanks.  I am doing as well as I can at 98. One is coping.

Evan Chopp ‘04 writes:

Thanks for keeping the House going strong.

Bill Wierda '83 writes:

Went to the UM Nebraska game this past weekend and with 111,000 plus fans sitting one row in front of me was Mike Cramer. Good to connect with a brother after so many years.

Dean Shoucair '89 writes:

Go Blue my Chi Phi Brothers from the 1908's & 1990's

Philip Idema '61 writes:

Keep up the good work!

Eric Monberg '71 writes:

It looks like the chapter is on the right track. Keep up the good work & the alumni will return!

Robert Antle '42 writes:

Go Blue

Dean Savell '59 writes:

Chi Phi was a great 4 years - almost help me grow up! 60 years later still need help but enjoying retirement. Gail & I married 58 years!

Mitchell Goncalves '09 writes:

Bring back the Gnarlers Ball

Edward Patterson '55 writes:

Barbara (ADPi) & I celebrated 61 years of blessed marriage in June.

James Freeman '59 writes:

The chapter was on probation in the late 50s when I was active. We survived and had a great year.