Spotlight: David Fink 1982

Submitted Date 11/5/2016 18:36:32


David Fink 1982

Why did you join Chi Phi?

I met Rock, who became my big brother, in a graduate level class when we were both sophomores. I liked him and rushed Chi Phi because if him. I was not intent on joining a fraternity but I liked the guys and the house and was offered a bid.

With whom do you stay in contact?

J Dubb, Eugene, Barry Barretta, Randy Talcott, Chip Owen, Rock, Broc, Gerry Adams and through Facebook, many other guys.

Did you live in the house?


If so, who were your room-mates?

J dubb my Junior year and Mongoose my senior year. I got to know J Dubb when Rock had a gathering for a weekend at his home in Muskegon. A bunch of my favorite Chi Phis were there. We went to the beach, hung out, and had a great time together without the stresses of school..

Can you tell us about your career?

I started out working for a pay television sports channel and the Chicago White Sox. I then went to work in manufacturing for more than 20 years. I ended up starting and running a live performance venue. I am still involved with the venue called the Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, MI.

Geographically, where are you now, and where have you been since leaving Ann Arbor?

I am in Chicago and have been there since graduating but I also spent and spend a lot of time in Southwest Michigan.

What do you miss about living in Ann Arbor?

I felt like A2 was a little utopia. I miss knowing people everywhere I went. I miss cars stopping to let me cross the street. I miss being in an intellectual and cultural environment where everything is easy and I could walk just about everywhere.

Why is it important to you that Chi Phi remains at 1530 Washtenaw for years to come?

It's a lovely building with a rich history.