Move-in day is August 22. The doors will be open at 10 am.

ACTION: please let us know by August 20 your anticipated move-in day and time so that a manager can meet you onsite to provide you the key to your room, along with some other pertinent information about living at 1530 during the 2019-20 school year.

Meals will begin with dinner on the 22nd and made available for anyone who is assisting you with move-in.  Going forward meals will be served Monday-Friday. Lunches will start at 11:30 am, Dinners at 5:00 pm. Late meals can be made available upon request.

Meal will be catered by Apex Cuisine. Apex previously catered for Alpha-Tau prior to our kitchen renovation last year. In short, after two months of searching, we were unable to identify a cook. I’ll leave out the details in this communication but happy to explain the failed process when I see you, should you care to know.  You can check out Apex here: https://www.apexcuisine.com/. Apex will address allergies, so if you have not replied to Brenda’s email, please do so ASAP.

We have done quite a lot of work done over the summer with the final work punch list being completed in the next two days.  Some of these are cosmetic, some are structural and some are simple improvements to how the house is managed and run. 

Most importantly, the first floor bathroom HAS been completed which opens the first floor for living purposes.

The cleaning crew will come on Tuesday mornings for the common areas and bathrooms. HOWEVER, there are some items which are not included in the weekly cleaning. And to help everyone understand why and how additional charges come to pass for certain items, please find below a non-comprehensive list of items which were common upcharges to the cleaning and maintenance fees incurred, and charged to tenants, during 2019-20.

  • Replacement of slab doors on rooms: $500*

  • Replacement of broken light fixtures: $100*

  • Fixing holes in drywall and repainting: $100 per hour*

  • Picking up cups, cans, bottles: $1 per

  • Cleaning up vomit: $150 per instance

  • Peeling gum off floors, walls or doors: $1 per piece

  • Picking up trash around containers: $10 per instance

*includes materials and labor

The list is not to be punitive but to provide some insight as to activities which occurred last year and which can be avoided by maintaining not only your personal but the common areas of 1530. As I have addressed with the Executive Council previously, since many of these issues stem from the brotherhood as a whole, I highly recommend a Parlor Dues collected from each brother to help offset damages or messes which occur from social events. If you have any questions about this concept, let me know.

Finally, live-ins will be provided and assigned one parking permit for your personal vehicle. If there is additional parking available once the live-ins have claimed their permits, then parking spots will be made available to those brothers living-out who wish to purchase a permit.  All other vehicles will be cited and may be towed at the owner’s expense. Do NOT park in the reserved areas on the side of the house.

I feel confident those living in and those out of house Brothers who visit will take pride and ownership in 1530 and ensure our 93 year old beauty remains the talk of Chi Phi and Ann Arbor.


Jeff Velis A-T ‘86
Chapter Advisor
jeff@alpha-tau.org | 773-610-8457

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