Spotlight: Michael Konieczny 2014

Submitted Date 10/2/2016 9:48:28


Michael Konieczny 2014

Why did you join Chi Phi?

Honestly I just sort of ended up at the house during my first week at U of M, and then one day was a pledge. Not too sure how it happened.

With whom do you stay in contact?

My pledge class (Fall PC 2010) and just about everyone since then.

Did you live in the house?


If so, who were your room-mates?

Tell us about a memorable time with them. First year in the house I had two different singles on the second floor. My junior year I stayed first in the Jew Triple, then in the Tacky Triple, both as doubles. I remember a lot of doors being rammed down, specifically with christmas trees.

Can you tell us about your career?

I am currently serving as an Infantry Officer in the United States Army, and am the platoon leader for 2nd Platoon, Apache Troop, 1st Squadron, 3d Cavalry Regiment out of Ft. Hood Texas. I am currently in charge of mission planning, training, tactical employment, and all other personal and professional aspects of my infantry platoon, which is around 25-30 guys. I studied Civil Engineering while at U of M, and jumped from the Michigan National Guard to ROTC, ending up with an active duty commission.

Geographically, where are you now, and where have you been since leaving Ann Arbor?

Currently I am forward deployed in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Since graduation I took about 6 months off to relax and earn money, taking a few vacations and enjoying freedom. After that I went through an 18 month training pipeline involving the Infantry Officer Course, US Army Ranger School, US Army Airborne School, and a few other technical courses between Ft. Benning, GA, and Eglin AFB, FL, before ending up at Ft. Hood just north of Austin, TX.

What do you miss about living in Ann Arbor?

Ann Arbor is a really special place. You can do anything want, and there are boundless opportunities. It is a very forgiving place to be, and you are free to make a lot of mistakes and grow as a person without negatively impacting yourself too much. Things get a lot more strict and mistakes are much more costly in the real world. That, and living a 10 minute stumble from the bars is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

Why is it important to you that Chi Phi remains at 1530 Washtenaw for years to come?

The house is a source of shared memories and serves as something that can really tie together Chi Phis of all ages. Without the house, that common identity is a lot more difficult to maintain.