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Buck Antle ‘42 writes (after receiving the Dec 18 email newsletter):

Thanks.  I am doing as well as I can at 98. One is coping.

Evan Chopp ‘04 writes:

Thanks for keeping the House going strong.

Bill Wierda '83 writes:

Went to the UM Nebraska game this past weekend and with 111,000 plus fans sitting one row in front of me was Mike Cramer. Good to connect with a brother after so many years.

Dean Shoucair '89 writes:

Go Blue my Chi Phi Brothers from the 1908's & 1990's

Philip Idema '61 writes:

Keep up the good work!

Eric Monberg '71 writes:

It looks like the chapter is on the right track. Keep up the good work & the alumni will return!

Robert Antle '42 writes:

Go Blue

Dean Savell '59 writes:

Chi Phi was a great 4 years - almost help me grow up! 60 years later still need help but enjoying retirement. Gail & I married 58 years!

Mitchell Goncalves '09 writes:

Bring back the Gnarlers Ball

Edward Patterson '55 writes:

Barbara (ADPi) & I celebrated 61 years of blessed marriage in June.

James Freeman '59 writes:

The chapter was on probation in the late 50s when I was active. We survived and had a great year.